Local Termite Company in Huntington Beach

Since our company’s founding in 1973, Newport Exterminating has maintained its status as a Huntington Beach region mainstay. Because we have spent the last 50 years honing our enviable reputation through a persistent dedication to five-star customer service, diligence, and integrity, we only have good memories of those five decades. You can rest easy knowing that you’ve found a company with the qualifications and experience necessary to take on any pest control project because our locally-owned and operated business is properly licensed, insured, and bonded. Because we genuinely value our customers’ unwavering support, we take pride in only employing the most reliable, intelligent, consistent, and friendly pest control specialists at our termite and pest control service near you. Call us today for a free estimate and let us keep pests out of your home or place of business for good!

Termite Services

Termites are horrible, unwelcome pests. Termites are extremely careless and dangerous because they have the ability to destroy structures forever, costing American homes and properties millions of dollars per year in damage. If you notice one, there are certainly many more termites around. Our termite company will get to work right away, identify the issue, get rid of every pest, and set you up with a thorough prevention strategy that keeps termites at bay indefinitely. Our termite service in Huntington Beach has expertise in stopping termites dead in their tracks.

Termite Treatment

Because there are countless unique factors that go into termite infestations, we approach every job uniquely. Your go-to local termite company, Newport Exterminating, promises to use the latest advanced treatment methods. For the benefit of our loyal customers, we put constant work into staying current with any advances in our field.


The entire property must be covered with a tent before termite fumigation can begin, and a specific volume of fumigating gas will then be pumped into the structure and tent. This gas completely penetrates the building from top to bottom. If we conclude that the infestation is severe, if a more targeted approach would not be appropriate, or if the termites have occupied regions that are challenging to access, our local termite service may recommend fumigation.

An experienced and caring termite contractor will urge you to remove your entire family – including pets – from the house before the fumigation treatment begins. Your Huntington Beach termite service always makes sure that you are fully prepared for the procedure that lies ahead because we prioritize your safety. Opening all of your windows to allow for enough air circulation in your home, washing all the bedding and clothing that was present during treatment, cleaning your dishes and utensils, and other important tasks will be on your to-do list. Although it may seem difficult at first, our termite company in Huntington Beach is prepared to help you by making it all as streamlined as possible.

Local Spot Treatment

When done correctly, termite spot treatments can be a wonderfully effective approach to getting rid of these unwelcome pests. A Newport Exterminating expert will get to work right soon to complete the task and stop the infestation from growing worse if they think that termite spot treatment service in Huntington Beach would be a viable solution. If the infestation is in its early stages and/or is isolated to one small location, spot treatment may be possible. You can trust that our local pest company has the best team for the job because our specialists have years of experience finding, treating, and preventing termites.

Heat Treatment

Given that heat treatment effectively and safely eliminates termites without the use of chemicals, many of our customers appreciate and prefer this treatment method. The specialist will carefully remove the insects using clean, dry heat and maintaining a set temperature for a specific amount of time in order to eradicate them in all stages of growth. This treatment just requires a single treatment, so our termite heat treatment service in Huntington Beach allows you to move past your pest problem in a timely manner. Unlike some Huntington Beach termite companies that may only offer one or two treatment methods, our reliable business offers all three of the most common treatments to manage any type of infestation in any location.

Termite Inspections

You must act quickly to get rid of termites when they invade your house or place of business. You only need to call Newport Exterminating during this troubling time! During our thorough inspections, we will accurately diagnose the issue, suggest the best course of action, and provide you with a free estimate. We will always be up-front and honest with you before beginning your local spot treatment, heat treatment, or termite fumigation in Huntington Beach so you will know exactly how the process will go.

To get a free quote, a termite inspection, and the best termite service near you, call Newport Exterminating today at (949) 261-0700.