Local Termite Company in Anaheim

At Newport Exterminating, we’ve been a proud staple in the Anaheim community since we started our business back in 1973. As we approach our 50th year in business, we can’t help but reflect on the five decades we’ve spent earning our stellar reputation the old-fashioned way – through hard work, professionalism, and impeccable customer service. Our locally-owned, locally-operated business is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can rest assured that you’re hiring a company with all the know-how and accreditations to get the job done. At our termite and pest control service near you, we only hire friendly, skilled, and dependable pest control specialists, because we truly believe our loyal customers deserve the very best. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us turn your home or business into a pest-free and stress-free environment!

Termite Services

Termites are never welcome guests in your home. Not only can they cause extensive damage (to the tune of millions of dollars annually across the nation), but they can actually be so detrimental that they can make your home or business uninhabitable. If you see one termite, there are likely hundreds (or thousands) more nearby. Our termite company will go to work right away to identify the source of your termite problem, eliminate these pesky bugs, and prevent them from returning in the future. Our termite service in Anaheim specializes in stopping termites dead in their tracks!

Termite Inspections

When you suspect termites in your home or business, time is of the essence. Let Newport Exterminating be your first call! Our no-obligation inspections will include complete, thorough troubleshooting of any pest issues, recommendations for the most effective termite treatment options, and a free quote. Our termite service is completely transparent, so you’ll know exactly what the process will look like before we even begin your heat treatment, local spot treatment, or termite fumigation in Anaheim.

Termite Treatment

Every termite infestation is different, so they each call for their own unique treatment. At Newport Exterminating, your go-to local termite company, we offer all the best treatment options. We also stay up-to-date on any innovations in the industry because we firmly believe that our customers deserve the very best.


Termite fumigation involves enclosing the property with a tent and releasing a carefully-calculated amount of fumigant into the tent. This gas is designed to penetrate deeply into the crevices and cracks of the structure, from the basement to the attic. This treatment method will be suggested by your local termite service if you have an extensive infestation or if the termites are difficult to access or treat with a more targeted method.

During fumigation, your termite contractor will advise that you remove all people and pets from the home for a specific period of time. Your trusted Anaheim termite service is here to keep you safe, so we will make sure you understand every step of the process before we begin. You’ll need to ventilate the home by opening windows, wash your bedding and clothing, clean all your utensils and dishes, and a few other important steps. This may seem like a complicated process, but not to worry – our termite company in Anaheim will make it as straightforward as possible.

Heat Treatment

Heat treating is a very effective way to eradicate termites, and it is an attractive one because it works without the use of any chemicals. Dry, clean heat is carefully introduced to the structure, and the technician will maintain that heat for a period of time to kill termites at every life stage. Requiring only one visit, our termite heat treatment service in Anaheim is a great way to eliminate termites and move on with your life. While some Anaheim termite companies may offer just one or two treatment options, our trusted business offers all three of the most popular options to cover any type of infestation in any location.

Local Spot Treatment

In certain cases, spot treatment can be a wonderful way to eliminate termites. If your Newport Exterminating professional determines that our termite spot treatment service in Anaheim is the right choice for your specific termite problem, they will complete the treatment right then and there to prevent the infestation from worsening. If the infestation is in its early stages and/or is isolated to one small location, spot treatment may be possible. Our technicians are incredibly experienced in locating, treating, and preventing termites, so you can rest assured that our local pest company is the right team for the job.

To get a free quote, a termite inspection, and the best termite service near you, call Newport Exterminating today at (949) 261-0700.