Local Termite Company in Lake Forest

Newport Exterminating has been proudly serving our neighbors in the Lake Forest area since 1973. As we near our 50th year in business, we can’t help but think back on the five decades we’ve spent building our outstanding reputation through an unwavering commitment to excellence in customer service, hard work, and professionalism. Hiring us is a practical and intelligent way to get all the advice, knowledge, and expertise you deserve because our locally-owned and operated business is bonded, insured, and licensed. At our termite and pest control service near you, we only hire personable, reliable, and knowledgeable pest control specialists because we strongly believe that our loyal customers deserve nothing less than the absolute best. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us turn your home or business into a pest-free and stress-free environment!

Termite Services

Nobody ever wants to find termites in their home. Causing millions of dollars of damage every year in the USA, termites are incredibly destructive and can actually cause properties to become irreparably damaged. There are probably hundreds or thousands of termites nearby whenever one is found. Our termite company will get to work as soon as possible to identify the source of your termite problem, eradicate these pesky insects, and prevent them from returning to do additional harm. Our termite service in Lake Forest specializes in stopping termites dead in their tracks!

Termite Inspections

It’s critical to take quick action whenever you start to see termites. You only need to make one call at this uncertain time – to Newport Exterminating! Our inspections come with free estimates, comprehensive, in-depth diagnostics of all pest problems, and recommendations for the best termite treatment choices. We will always be very open and honest with you before beginning any local spot treatment, heat treatment, or termite fumigation in Lake Forest so you will know exactly what to anticipate.

Termite Treatment

Every termite infestation is unique, thus every treatment must be tailored to the specific requirements and conditions of the client. Newport Exterminating, your trusted local termite company, pledges to employ cutting-edge treatment techniques each and every time. We constantly seek out safe, innovative new ways to take care of our consumers because we believe that you deserve the most modern, effective pest control available.


A tent is constructed around the property during termite fumigation, and a precise amount of fumigant is then discharged inside the tent. The gas permeates every nook and cranny of the building, from the attic to the subfloor or basement. Our local termite service may suggest fumigation if we determine that the infestation is serious, if a more targeted method would not be sufficient, or if the termites have infested areas that are difficult to access.

Before the fumigation treatment starts, the termite contractor would advise you to evacuate your entire family (including pets) from the home. Prior to getting started, your trustworthy Lake Forest termite service will ensure your safety by making sure you are aware of every phase of the process. After the fumigation is finished, it will be time to clean all the dishes and kitchen utensils, wash your clothes and linens, encourage air circulation by opening the windows, and complete a few other significant activities. We find that customers often dread the fumigation process, but at our termite company in Lake Forest, we pride ourselves on making it all as easy as possible.

Local Spot Treatment

Spot treatment is an excellent termite control strategy when the termite infestation meets the criteria. Your Newport Exterminating specialist will carry out the treatment immediately to stop the infestation from becoming worse if they decide that our termite spot treatment service in Lake Forest is the best option for your particular termite problem. When it comes time to treat a termite infestation that is still in the initial phases or that is localized to one easy-to-access area, spot treatment can be an option. Our technicians are incredibly experienced in locating, treating, and preventing termites, so you can rest assured that our local pest company is the right team for the job.

Heat Treatment

Because of its outstanding effectiveness and lack of chemical use, heat treatment is a particularly well-liked termite extermination technique. In order to eliminate the insects in all stages of growth, the expert will gently remove them using clean, dry heat and maintaining a predetermined temperature for a set period of time. Our termite heat treatment service in Lake Forest helps you quickly get rid of your pest issue because it just requires one session. With our wide range of services, you have the opportunity to choose the best treatment approach for your particular infestation – unlike some Lake Forest termite companies that only offer one termite treatment option.

To get a free quote, a termite inspection, and the best termite service near you, call Newport Exterminating today at (949) 261-0700.