Commercial Pest Control

For more than 40 years, Newport Exterminating has understood the importance of commercial pest control and management. Our goal is to provide you with long-term pest prevention services that not only address active infestations but also prevent pests from returning. At Newport Exterminating, we know that no two businesses will have the same pest control needs. That’s why we pride ourselves on tailoring a customized pest control program designed specifically for your business and its unique environment, all while maintaining our commitment to quality, professionalism, and innovation.

Types of Properties We Serve

Our team has experience in providing commercial pest control solutions to all types of commercial properties including:

• Property Management
• Home Owner Associations
• Hospitals and Medical Buildings
• Apartment Communities
• Hotels and Hospitality
• Business Centers
• Retail Centers
• Logistics and Warehouses
• Industrial Buildings
• Storage facilities
• Car Dealerships
• School Districts
• Government Buildings
• And more

Types of Pests We Control

At Newport Exterminating, we proudly provide commercial pest control services to control a variety of pests on your property including:

• Ants
• Cockroaches
• Rodents
• Spiders
• Fleas
• Bed Bugs
• And more

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If you’re dealing with pests in your Orange County, LA County, Riverside County, or Northern San Diego County commercial property, contact Newport Exterminating.