Fungus and Dry Rot

Fungi are unique organisms that can grow almost anywhere. While they may not seem like the most threatening pest, a fungi outbreak such as dry rot can lead to serious long-term infrastructure issues.

Fungi thrive in environments that are rich in moisture or humidity. If the wooden frame of your home or business is heavily exposed to water, a fungus can easily take hold and feed off of your infrastructure, weakening the support keeping your building intact over time.

With enough oxygen, food sources, moisture, and warmth, a propagating fungus can thrive for a long time unnoticed. Not only does this soften the wooden structure paving the way for termites and other wood-destroying pests to invade, but outbreaks of dry rot can also be the most serious of fungal outbreaks to tackle. Organisms such as mold and bacteria are known to cause allergic reactions and can irritate the eyes, nose, throat, skin, and sometimes even lungs of those exposed. A Wood Destroying Pest & Organism inspection can help discover other fungal problems.

Finding and eliminating fungi can be a difficult process without the proper equipment. When you need a quality fungus extermination plan, call on the experts at Newport Exterminating.

Fungus Extermination Treatments

At Newport Exterminating, we offer treatments to wood framing and soil areas that not only eliminate currently-existing fungi but can also prevent future outbreaks. Our borate treatments penetrate deep into the wood to provide long-lasting protection against wood-decay fungi as well as termites.

For structural repairs, our full-time carpenter crews are able to correct fungus damage to eaves, doors, patio covers, windows, and more. We also offer stall show pan repairs, with services offered up to a full stall shower replacement.

Call Newport Exterminating for Fungus Elimination

Fungus thrives in the unseen areas of your home making it difficult to eliminate on your own. Our highly-trained team of pest elimination experts at Newport Exterminating are here to help when you need it most, working with you to create a plan to control and repair your fungus problem while keeping costs to a minimum.

Newport Exterminating is proud to serve the southern California area for all pest control needs. To set up an appointment with our team, complete our online contact form or give us a call today!