Local Termite Company in Yorba Linda

Since our company’s founding in 1973, Newport Exterminating has had the honor of playing a crucial role in keeping the Yorba Linda community pest-free. We reflect on the decades we’ve spent building our impeccable reputation through a constant commitment to hard work, professionalism, and unrivaled excellence in customer service as we draw near to our 50th year in business. Since we are a locally-owned and operated company that is bonded, licensed, and insured, hiring us is a sensible and intelligent way to get all the advice, information, and expertise you need. At our termite and pest control service near you, we only employ knowledgeable, trustworthy, and caring pest control professionals because we firmly believe that our loyal customer base deserves nothing less than the best. Give us a call right away for a free estimate and to start keeping your home or business pest-free!

Termite Services

Termites are loathsome and unwelcome pests. Termites are very reckless and dangerous since they have the capability to permanently destroy structures, causing millions of dollars’ worth of damage to American homes and properties each year. There are probably hundreds or thousands of termites nearby whenever one is found. Our termite company will get to work as soon as possible to identify the source of your termite problem, eradicate these pesky insects, and prevent them from returning to do additional harm. We know exactly what it takes to permanently eradicate termites at our termite service in Yorba Linda.

Termite Treatment

Every termite infestation is different, so they each call for their own unique treatment. Your favorite local termite company, Newport Exterminating, offers all the most effective treatments. We spend a great deal of time brushing up on any innovations in our industry so our customers can benefit from the most advanced pest control treatments.


A carefully-calculated volume of fumigating gas is delivered into a sizable tent during the termite fumigation process. This gas completely penetrates the building from top to bottom. Our local termite service may advise fumigation if we determine that the infestation is serious, if a more targeted method would not be suitable, or if the termites have colonized areas that are difficult to access.

When you agree to fumigation, our skilled termite contractor will give you important instructions about removing pets and people from the premises for a few days. Because your Yorba Linda termite service puts your safety first, we always ensure that you are completely prepared for the process that lies ahead. Your to-do list will include ensuring proper ventilation throughout the home by opening all your windows, washing any clothing and bedding that was inside the home during treatment, cleaning all your dishes and utensils, and more. This might feel like an overwhelming situation, but our termite company in Yorba Linda is here to make everything as easy as can be for you.

Local Spot Treatment

Termite spot treatments, when used in the appropriate circumstances, can be a very effective extermination method. If your Newport Exterminating specialist determines that our termite spot treatment service in Yorba Linda is the best choice for your specific termite situation, they will carry out the treatment right away to prevent the infestation from getting worse. Spot treatment may be the best solution when infestations are restricted to a single site, they aren’t yet widespread, and they are only beginning to develop. Our local pest company is unquestionably the team for the job because our specialists have a wealth of experience in the detection, prevention, and treatment of termites.

Heat Treatment

Heat treating is a very efficient method of getting rid of termites and is appealing because it doesn’t require any chemicals to work wonderfully. In order to eradicate termites in all life stages, our specialists will carefully and gently apply dry, clean heat to the structure and hold that temperature for a specific period of time. Because it only requires one session, our termite heat treatment service in Yorba Linda lets you swiftly get rid of your pest problem. Certain Yorba Linda termite companies offer limited termite treatment options, but our all-inclusive service offering gives you the benefit of customizing the top-of-the-line treatment method that works best for your specific infestation.

Termite Inspections

If you believe termites have infested your home or place of business, the clock is officially ticking. Let Newport Exterminating be your first call! During our thorough inspections, we will accurately diagnose the issue, suggest the best course of action, and provide you with a free estimate. Prior to getting started on local spot treatment, heat treatment, or termite fumigation in Yorba Linda, our termite service will always be entirely honest with you so you will know just what to expect.

To get a free quote, a termite inspection, and the best termite service near you, call Newport Exterminating today at (949) 261-0700.