Disinfecting Services

When cleaning, some over-the-counter disinfecting and sanitizing products just miss the mark when it comes to effectiveness. Along with our pest control services, Newport Exterminating is proud to provide certified disinfectant and viricide service for both residential and commercial spaces. Our disinfecting services completely kill multiple bacteria and viruses including the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.

At Newport Exterminating, we go the extra mile. Other cleaning services use the same products and materials from location to location unaware they’re spreading germs and bacteria throughout the day. Our disinfecting team is precise, detailed, and trained to prevent cross-contamination within each location and traveling to other locations to protect you and your loved ones or your staff and your customers from potential illness.

Non-Porous Surface Treatment

Disinfecting non-porous surfaces such as wood, tile, glass, metal, brass, granite, and marble, usually requires a little more attention, as they are often high-touch areas around your home or business. That’s why our technicians take the extra time to review all surfaces including handles, appliances, keyboards, drywall, doorknobs, and more during the initial walk-through of your location to determine the best treatment for each surface type.

Schedule Your Disinfecting Treatment in Southern California Today

Through our disinfecting services, you’ll be at ease knowing that your apartment, restaurant, or office is sanitized and sterilized properly. For more information about our services, contact us today and our disinfecting professionals will be happy to help.