Local Pest Control Company in Downey

Newport Exterminating has been a well-known mainstay in the Downey area ever since our business got its start back in 1973. We have nothing but fond memories of the past 50 years because these decades have been spent building our enviable reputation through a consistent commitment to integrity, diligence, and five-star customer service. Hiring us is an intelligent and logical way to get all the knowledge, expertise, and pest control guidance you deserve because our locally-operated and locally-owned business is insured, bonded, and licensed. At our termite and pest control service near you, we only hire kind, dependable, and knowledgeable pest control specialists because we firmly believe that our loyal customer base deserves nothing less than the very best. Following your free estimate, we’ll be happy to get rid of all pests from your home or place of business so you can carry on with your daily activities without the added stress of pests.

Pests We Treat


Crickets are loud, intrusive, and just plain irritating. If crickets appear to be disseminating throughout your property or home, you should consult your qualified local exterminator.


Birds can be a messy problem and a serious risk to property damage when they take up residence in your home or place of business. Our experts have the skills and tools necessary to drive these birds away and assist you in preventing additional property damage.


In addition to creating a frustrating infestation, silverfish have the ability to quickly damage books, carpet, clothing, and other household objects. When you get in touch with us for Downey pest control, we’ll stop the infestation and help you stop further property damage.


Even the cleanest homes and buildings can harbor roaches because they are simply drawn to moist environments. Since we are experts on these unpleasant and annoyance-causing insects at our pest control company, we can quickly get rid of them for you.

Pantry Pests

Without warning, moths and beetles can take up residence in your cupboards or pantry and go to work destroying your food – and sometimes your cabinets. When you choose our pest control company in Downey, we’ll get rid of these annoying bugs in a timely manner.


Because they thrive in damp environments like bathrooms and kitchens, sowbugs are frequently found in those spaces. The professionals at our Downey pest control company are adept at getting rid of these pests because they are aware of precisely where they prefer to reside.


In addition to being an annoyance, rodents can damage your property and spread diseases that could make you, your family, or your staff sick. You can swiftly stop this harm and risk before it worsens with the help of a thorough pest control from our knowledgeable exterminators.


Mosquitoes are contagious insects, and neither a home nor an office should ever be exposed to their piercing bites. Contact us when you need mosquito exterminating, and we’ll come to the rescue so you and your family or staff can stay safe.


For many people, encountering a spider can be disconcerting. Your local pest control company will be delighted to assist you in deterring these bothersome insects.


Ants are known to appear completely unexpectedly. Ants typically enter homes in groups, which means the problem can escalate quickly. With the appropriate tools, your knowledgeable Downey exterminator can get rid of every ant in your house while also keeping others out.


Earwigs are among the most challenging pests to eradicate. At our pest control service, we’ll come to your aid by forming a personalized action plan and eliminating these bugs from your home or business efficiently.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are notorious for spreading quickly, reproducing, and turning into an intolerable annoyance, even when compared to the majority of other pests. You don’t have to deal with this aggravating issue alone because of our pest control service, where we are the best in town at bed bug extermination.

Bees & Wasps

You never want to have a run-in with a wasp or bee, because doing so can lead to painful and unpleasant outcomes. Your go-to pest control contractor, Newport Exterminating, will have all the equipment required to completely and safely remove these potentially dangerous infestations from your property or home when you contact us.


Due to their invasive infestations and irritating bites, fleas are a dreaded insect that both people and animals fear. If you think fleas may have entered your home, get in touch with Newport Exterminating, your go-to pest control service in Downey.

Stinging Insects

The fact that stinging insects irritate and harm people makes them unwelcome invaders. If you have deer flies, hornets, or another stinging insect problem, don’t hesitate to call us for pest control. Our experienced exterminators are aware of how crucial a prompt resolution to this problem is.

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