Termite Extermination

Locating and managing termites once they have infested your home or commercial building can be a challenging task. Feeding primarily on wood, termites tend to reside in areas of buildings that are typically hidden from views such as the inside of walls, roof beams, foundation studs, and the surrounding soil. If left alone, this pest can quickly multiply and eat away at the structure of your home or facility, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to your investment that can make it uninhabitable.

Termite damage may not be apparent until the infestation is full-blown. From swollen floors and ceilings to buckling wood, the destruction left behind by termites often looks similar to water damage. Termite infestations often leave visible mazes within walls or furniture and can leave behind a scent that is similar to mildew or mold. Due to the difficulty in controlling this pest, it is highly recommended that home or business owners contact an extermination professional before trying to tackle eliminating termites on their own.

Termite Identification and Treatment Plan


Before any work can be done to protect your property, a Newport Exterminating inspector must check the property to identify problems with both the termite infestation and possible structural damage. We offer inspections for escrow, maintenance, and preventative purposes for small and large-sized properties alike. Through this process, we are able to create a plan to treat your home or business for all types of termites, regardless of the treatment method or size of the job.

Termite treatment options

Newport Exterminating offers various termite eradication options for both drywood and subterranean termites in addition to preventative treatments. Drywood termites can be treated by local spot treatment using termiticides, heat treatment, or fumigation (tenting). Subterranean termites are treated by drilling & treating concrete slab and/or trench & treating soil areas.

Fumigation: We provide whole-structure termite treatment with fumigation services, whereby the fumigant is allowed to spread into every nook and cranny of your structure. This ensures the eradication of every drywood termite because the product used penetrates into the pores of the wood.

Heat treatments: Heat treatments can be used as an alternative option in both local spot treatments or whole structural fumigation. During this process, the temperature at the infested area or entire structure is raised to the temperature which kills the termites and maintained for a period of time to ensure the eradication of the infestation. The entire process usually takes less than a day to complete and no move-out is needed.

Local Spot Treatment: Newport Exterminating inspectors may recommend a local spot treatment to handle small termite problems limited to a specific area. Local treatments for termites can be a useful method for both private and commercial buildings to tackle an infestation before it gets out of hand. In situations in which fumigation is not a viable option, local treatments allow for businesses to be open for business and operational while still addressing the pest problem. Apartments, condos, and family homes can remain habitable by addressing just one area or unit of a larger structure without the need to prepare or vacate the home for a tenting.

Preventative Treatments: In addition to our local spot termite treatments, Newport Exterminating offers long-term, preventative treatments to common termite nesting spots, such as in wood framing and soil areas. These borate treatments penetrate deep into the wood to provide long-lasting protection against subterranean and drywood termites, as well as wood-boring beetles.

Structural repairs

For structural repairs or carpentry work, it’s important to hire qualified individuals which is why we can complete repairs by employing full-time carpenter crews who can tackle termite damaged areas including:

• Eaves/Fascias/Rafter Tails
• Patio Covers
• Doors
• Windows
• And many other parts of a structure
We also offer repair services to shower pans, including a complete stall shower replacement.

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Dealing with termites on your own can be an extensive and expensive process. When you need professional exterminating services that give you control over pests while keeping costs to a minimum, put your trust in Newport Exterminating. Whether you are a part of a homeowner association, a commercial or residential property manager, or a business owner, our team of pest control experts will work with you to give you a treatment plan you’ll love.

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