Local Termite Company in Cerritos

Since opening for business in 1973, Newport Exterminating has been a beloved fixture in the Cerritos neighborhood. As we near our 50th year in business, we can’t help but think back on the five decades we’ve spent building our outstanding reputation through an unwavering commitment to excellence in customer service, hard work, and professionalism. You can feel secure knowing that you’re hiring a business with the qualifications and experience necessary to complete the project because our locally-owned and operated company is bonded, licensed, and insured. Because we firmly believe that our devoted customers deserve nothing less than the best, at our termite and pest control service near you, we only hire personable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy pest control specialists. For a free estimate and to make your home or place of business a pest-free and comfortable place, reach out to us as soon as possible!

Termite Services

Termites are dreaded and unwanted intruders. Causing millions of dollars of damage every year in the USA, termites are incredibly destructive and can actually cause properties to become irreparably damaged. There are probably countless more termites nearby if you see one. Our termite company will get to work right away to find the root of your termite issue, get rid of these annoying pests, and stop them from returning to cause more damage. Our termite service in Cerritos has expertise in stopping termites dead in their tracks.

Termite Inspections

When termites enter your business or home, it’s essential that you get to work immediately to eliminate them. At a stressful time like this, you just need to do one thing – call Newport Exterminating. Our inspections come with comprehensive, in-depth pest problem diagnostics, recommendations for the best termite treatment solutions, and a free quote. Before we even start your heat treatment, local spot treatment, or termite fumigation in Cerritos, you will know precisely what the process will entail thanks to our entirely transparent termite service.

Termite Treatment

No two termite infestations are the same, and that’s why we take a tailored approach to each job. Newport Exterminating, your trusted local termite company, promises all the latest and greatest treatment options. We spend a great deal of time brushing up on any innovations in our industry so our customers can benefit from the most advanced pest control treatments.

Heat Treatment

Given that it doesn’t require the use of chemicals to work incredibly well, heat treating is a very effective and popular way to get rid of termites. Our experts will carefully and gently distribute clean, dry heat to the structure and maintain that temperature for a predetermined amount of time in order to eliminate termites in every life stage. Our termite heat treatment service in Cerritos is a fantastic way to get rid of termites and swiftly get back to your daily activities because it requires just one visit. Unlike some Cerritos termite companies who might not offer their customers a full range of services, our reliable firm offers all three of the most popular treatments to tackle any kind of infestation in any area.


Termite fumigation is a termite treatment that involves placing a tent over the entire property and discharging a very precise amount of fumigating gas into the tent and property. This gas diffuses deeply throughout the entire structure, from top to bottom. Our local termite service may recommend fumigation if we determine that the infestation is extreme, if a more targeted method would not be sufficient, or if the termites have infiltrated hard-to-reach areas.

After you provide permission for fumigation, your knowledgeable termite contractor will give you important advice about how to keep people and pets out of the property for a few days. Your dependable Cerritos termite service will make sure you are aware of every step of the process before beginning to ensure your safety. You’ll need to ventilate the home by opening windows, wash your bedding and clothing, clean all your utensils and dishes, and a few other important steps. Although it could appear to be a challenging task, our termite company in Cerritos will make fumigation as simple as possible.

Local Spot Treatment

Termite spot treatments are a highly effective elimination method when carried out appropriately. If they conclude that termite spot treatment service in Cerritos would be the best option, a Newport Exterminating specialist will get to work right soon to finish the task and prevent the infestation from getting out of hand. When termite infestations are still in the initial phases or when they have only colonized a single, small area, spot treatment may be an option. Due to the fact that our specialists have years of experience locating, treating, and deterring termites, you can be confident that our local pest company has the right team for the job.

To get a free quote, a termite inspection, and the best termite service near you, call Newport Exterminating today at (949) 261-0700.