Residential Pest Control

Newport Exterminating has developed a unique niche in the pest control industry in the area of residential. Our goal is to provide homeowners with prevention services to eliminate current pest infestations and offer solutions to mitigate future encounters. Our licensed technicians will assess your home and recommend a customized pest control program.

Pest Control in Southern California

The pest control team at Newport Exterminating is here to help control a wide variety of pests including the following:

• Ants
• Crickets
• Cockroaches
• Bed Bugs
• Bees
• Fleas
• Mosquitos
• Spiders
• Silverfish
• Termites
• Wasps
• And more

Keep Your Home Pest-Free with Newport Exterminating

When you need comprehensive pest control solutions for your home, Newport Exterminating is here to help. We proudly provide residential pest control services in Orange County, LA County, Riverside County, Northern San Diego County, and surrounding areas. Contact us for a consultation, or give us a call today!