Local Pest Control Company in Huntington Beach

Since our company’s founding in 1973, Newport Exterminating has maintained its status as a Huntington Beach region mainstay. Because we have spent the last 50 years honing our enviable reputation through a persistent dedication to five-star customer service, diligence, and integrity, we only have good memories of those five decades. You can rest easy knowing that you’ve found a company with the qualifications and experience necessary to take on any pest control project because our locally-owned and operated business is properly licensed, insured, and bonded. Because we genuinely value our customers’ unwavering support, we take pride in only employing the most reliable, intelligent, consistent, and friendly pest control specialists at our termite and pest control service near you. Call us today for a free estimate and let us keep pests out of your home or place of business for good!

Pests We Treat


In addition to being a major annoyance, rodents can cause significant property damage and spread diseases that could harm you, your family, or your workforce. With the aid of a thorough pest control from our skilled exterminators, you can quickly stop this risk and harm before it escalates further.


Roaches can show up in even the neatest homes and buildings because they are drawn to moist conditions. Our pest control company is well-versed in these pesky and off-putting insects, and we know just how to help you send them packing.


For many people, encountering spiders is a frightening experience. As soon as our skilled local pest control company eliminates these insects from your residence, your concerns will disappear.


You should get rid of any mosquitoes as soon as they enter your home or place of business because they can carry diseases. Contact us right away so we can help you, your staff, or your family stay safe by eliminating these dangerous insects from your life.


Sowbugs are typically found in areas like bathrooms and kitchens because of their attraction to moisture. Since they are aware of exactly where these pests like to hide out, the experts at our Huntington Beach pest control company are skilled at getting rid of these pests.

Bed Bugs

ed bugs are notorious for spreading quickly, reproducing, and turning into an intolerable annoyance, even when compared to the majority of other pests. Bed bug infestations can be permanently eliminated with the help of our affordable pest control service, which will free you from an upsetting and stressful situation.

Pantry Pests

Moths and beetles can quickly devastate your food when they invade your cupboards or pantry before you even realize there is a problem afoot. You can rely on our pest control company in Huntington Beach to assist you in evicting these unauthorized occupants as soon as possible.


An unexpected ant invasion is possible. One ant is extremely unlikely – you’ll usually see them entering your house in groups. With the right tools, your knowledgeable Huntington Beach exterminator can get rid of any ants in your home and keep others out.


Silverfish can damage your carpeting, books, clothes, and other items in your home – plus they’re a major nuisance. When you hire us for Huntington Beach pest control, we’ll rid your home of these pests and stop any further damage from occurring to your property.


Earwigs are a nuisance that can be incredibly tough to control. After we develop a unique action plan specifically for you, our pest control service will get to work eliminating these bothersome insects from your home or place of business.

Stinging Insects

It can be difficult and painful to deal with insect stings. If hornets, deer flies, or other stinging insects infest your property, call us right away for pest control. Our qualified exterminators understand how important it is that this issue be resolved quickly.

Bees & Wasps

You never want to have a run-in with a wasp or bee, because doing so can lead to painful and unpleasant outcomes. Your pest control contractor at Newport Exterminating is fully equipped to thoroughly and safely eliminate these unwanted bugs from your property or home.


Fleas are known for their out-of-control infestations and their painful bites, so they’re a dreaded insect for both pets and humans to encounter. If you think fleas may have entered your home, reach out to your reliable pest control service in Huntington Beach – Newport Exterminating.


Birds can easily become a destructive and messy problem when they enter your home or place of business. Our specialists can drive these birds away and help you stop further property damage by providing you with the knowledge and equipment necessary.


Many people want to stay away from the annoying insect known as the cricket. If crickets appear to be disseminating throughout your property or home, you should consult your qualified local exterminator.

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