Local Pest Control Company in Norco

Since the establishment of our business in 1973, Newport Exterminating has remained a pillar of the Norco region. We find ourselves reflecting on all the time we’ve spent giving our customers unrivaled service, the best and most thorough work, and unmatched professionalism as we approach our 50th year in business. Hiring us is an intelligent and logical way to get all the knowledge, expertise, and pest control guidance you deserve because our locally-operated and locally-owned business is insured, bonded, and licensed. Because we wholeheartedly value our customers’ dedication, we take pride in only employing the most trusted, competent, and courteous pest control technicians at our termite and pest control service near you. For a free estimate and to learn how we can permanently rid your home or business of pests, give us a call today.

Pests We Treat

Bees & Wasps

Bees and wasps are among the many insects you don’t want to mess with because doing so can lead to upsetting and painful consequences. When you get in touch with your go-to pest control contractor, they will have all the tools necessary to safely and fully remove these potentially hazardous pests from your home or property.

Pantry Pests

Without warning, moths and beetles can take up residence in your cupboards or pantry and go to work destroying your food – and sometimes your cabinets. There’s no need to worry, because our skilled pest control company in Norco knows just how to send these unwanted bugs packing.


Some of the most difficult pests to get rid of are earwigs. After we craft a unique action plan just for you, our pest control service will go to work clearing your home or business of these troublesome bugs.


We frequently come across sowbugs in places like bathrooms or kitchens because they flourish in damp places. When you contact us for Norco pest control, our professionals will quickly take care of the issue so you can concentrate on other parts of your life.


In addition to being a nuisance, rodents can damage property and bring viruses that could infect you, your coworkers, or members of your family. Efficient pest control from our experienced company is the best way to prevent further damage and danger.


A wide range of items, including carpets, books, clothing, and many others, can be completely destroyed by silverfish. To stop silverfish damage in its tracks, all it takes is one phone call to Newport Exterminating, your trusted Norco pest control service.


When they set up residence in your home or place of business, birds can be a messy problem that also poses a significant risk of property damage. Our business has the expertise and equipment to send these birds packing and help you avoid further property damage.

Stinging Insects

Your family may experience discomfort and annoyance as a result of insect stings. Call us right away for pest control if hornets, deer flies, or other stinging insects infest your property. Our knowledgeable exterminators understand how important a prompt resolution to this issue is.

Bed Bugs

Even when compared to the majority of other pests, bed bugs are notorious for rapidly dispersing, procreating, and becoming an intolerable annoyance. With the aid of our incomparable pest control service, bed bug infestations can be completely eradicated, releasing you from an unnerving and stressful situation.


As soon as a mosquito enters your house or place of business, you should get rid of it because they can spread disease. By eliminating these dangerous insects from your life, we can help you, your family, or your staff stay safe – so contact us right away.


Crickets are obtrusive, loud, and flagrantly annoying. You should speak with a skilled local exterminator if crickets seem to be spreading throughout your property or house.


Roaches can show up in even the neatest homes and buildings because they are drawn to moist conditions. We can quickly get rid of them for you because we are specialists in these annoying and irritating insects at our pest control company.


Ants frequently show up out of the blue. You’ll probably see a lot of ants, not just one. With the appropriate tools, your knowledgeable Norco exterminator can get rid of every ant in your house while also keeping others out.


A decent percentage of the world’s population suffers from arachnophobia – fear of spiders. At our local pest control company, we will rid your home of these insects so you can cast your fears aside.


Both humans and pets are greatly aggravated and pained by fleas. At the first sign of a flea, contact your favorite pest control service in Norco – Newport Exterminating!

For commercial, industrial, or residential pest control, call Newport Exterminating today at (949) 261-0700.