Mike was very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. He offered many options to fit my needs and budget.
Thank you for the great service
Andrea Marie Wiley Avatar
Andrea Marie Wiley
Newport Extermination is a vendor recommended by the Apartment Association of Orange County.
The company is very professional and
quick to respond.
Aileen Pham Avatar
Aileen Pham
Great work!The technician Austin was very friendly!! I would definitely recommend this company.
Quality work and I have no more ants!
Nicole Marquis Avatar
Nicole Marquis
Newport Exterminating is a long-time preferred vendor by my company. Their response time to service requests is within 1-2 days. When dealing with pests in a commercial/office business setting that is appreciated. Their techs' feedback and comments on the overall situation causing the pest control issue is always a great resource on determining long term results.
Claudia Macias Lopez Avatar
Claudia Macias Lopez
Very positive experience. No delays on the work.
Steve Cederquist Avatar
Steve Cederquist
We live next to a wide open space & are exposed to all kinds of living creatures. Newport Exterminators helps us keep the ants & spiders at bay specifically. They also guarantee their work. We only have to use them on an annual basis. Very satisfied customer.
Jordan Strickland Avatar
Jordan Strickland
Newport Exterminating tented and fumigated our 3 unit 2 story apartment & we were pleased with the service, so we called them for a rodent problem at our home. The technician, Ronny, called to give us a 2 hour window on his arrival, and then called to say he was on his way. He inspected our attic and found the same thing my husband did. Just a few droppings and all the traps and rat bait my husband put up there. We hear that rodent scratching daily so we know we have a problem. Ronny made several assessments on what he could do for us, but acknowledged that we have been approaching the problem correctly. This was a surprise and speaks to the honesty of him and the company. If we don't solve the problem soon, we will follow up with this company. Very pleased with their professionalism, courtesy and honesty.
Karen Avatar
Mike Linton stopped in our office to introduce their company. We were all very impressed and started using them immediately. Newport Exterminating has the best customer service, whether it is a full termite building tent for termites or a simple treatment for pest control. They are quick to respond and very professional. Their communication with our tenants has always been top notch. I highly recommend giving them a try!
Lori McAmis Avatar
Lori McAmis
Mike and Josh are GREAT!!!!! Their Service & Communication is impeccable and it took them only 2 visits with a week in between to get rid of our pesty critters!!! Definitely Keeping Them!!!
Denise Jones Avatar
Denise Jones
These guys are awesome! They were very helpful with investigating and solving my issues.
Roddy Rauls Avatar
Roddy Rauls
Eric at Newport Exterminating is very friendly and accommodating to schedule adjustments and gets the job done. And will listen to any concerns we have about the treatment. We’ve been using his services for years. I would highly recommend him.
Stephen Barteau Avatar
Stephen Barteau
Maria Chavarria Avatar
Maria Chavarria
Worked there for 30 years retired now
Brian Herbel Avatar
Brian Herbel
Prompt response and showed up exactly on time, friendly and wore shoe covers when entering my house. Great company.
Chuck Deng Avatar
Chuck Deng
We have been using Newport Exterminating for years and they have always done a great job for us.
Freyd Rad Avatar
Freyd Rad
Very friendly, professional and price was great for my service!!
Newport Exterminating has provided us with the best service. My husband and I have a really bad ant infestation and they took care of it! Scott our technician was amazing !! Would absolutely recommend.
shelby sedlak Avatar
shelby sedlak
I appreciate the consistent and reliable service we receive from Eric at Newport Exterminating.
Fred Good Avatar
Fred Good
Cool vibe, great crew.
Christopher Mitchell Avatar
Christopher Mitchell
Very professional. Our HOA hooked us up with Newport to close up a small vent under our eaves on our second floor that served as an entryway for tiny birds to make nests in the wall of our condo. When the birds left the nest in late spring, their left over nasty little bird mites made there way into our home looking for a tasty snack and leaving itchy bites all over us. Newport stopped by when we weren’t home to investigate and sent me a photo to confirm that they had the correct location above our carport. Did the work and we didn’t even have to be home. Now when next spring rolls around I won’t have to burn my house down getting rid of these tiny monsters! Thanks a million!
Kristina K Avatar
Kristina K
Dara pontiakos is very informative, professional and helpful
Tracy Valdovinos Avatar
Tracy Valdovinos
It has been 10 1/2 years we have been using Newport Exterminating. Very happy not to have ants in our home anymore!
christine emmons Avatar
christine emmons
I work in property management, and have never had anything less then perfect experience with Newport Unfortunately, we do have to deal with birds, ants and rodents and they have always been prompt, helpful, and thorough. Erik is the greatest! I wouldn't call any other pest company. Rosie G. Associate Manager DHV Carson, CA
Rosalba Gonzalez Avatar
Rosalba Gonzalez
Eric from Newport Exterminating has been servicing my home for years. I HATE spiders and he takes special care to eliminate or reduce the amount of spiders at my house. I have a dog and Eric is good at communicating with me when he is coming so I can keep my dog out of the yard after Eric sprays. I feel fortunate that I have been able to work with the same technician for so many years because Eric provides me exceptional service and he's a delight to work with.
Sue Shepard Avatar
Sue Shepard
We’ve been using Newport Exterminator for many years! Great service. Our guy, Eric, takes care of our monthly home pest and rodent control. Highly recommend.
Michelle Joy Meza Avatar
Michelle Joy Meza
We have used Newport Exterminating for almost 5 years now and couldn’t be more pleased. Our technician Erik is awesome. He is attentive, great at communicating, kind and cares about providing top notch service.
Danelle Reimer Avatar
Danelle Reimer
Great customer service and professional technicians. When I purchased my home Dylan went beyond the scoop of his job to make sure we were moving into a safe, pest-free environment!
Natalee King Avatar
Natalee King
Newport has been our go to pest control company for several years. Their customer service is outstanding and Erik always takes care of issues quickly and efficiently. Thanks Newport!
Rachel Ingram Avatar
Rachel Ingram
me gusta
Raul Valtier Avatar
Raul Valtier
Buen lugar de trabajo
Gerardo Diaz Avatar
Gerardo Diaz