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Termite and Fungus

Locating and removing all fo the termites in your home can be a very challenging task. Termites like to do their damage in hidden places, like the insides of walls, roof beams and foundation studs.

Newport Exterminating is able to treat your home or business for all types of termites, as well as other wood-destroying organisms. We offer inspections for escrow, maintenance and preventative purposes. We can handle your termite removal needs regardless of the treatment type or size of the job. Our full-time carpenter crews are able to tackle termite and fungus damage to eaves, patio covers, doors, windows or any part of the structure that may need repairs. We also offer shower pan repairs up to and including a full-stall shower replacement.

In addition to local termite treatments, we offer preventative treatments to wood framing and soil areas. Newport Exterminating offers long-term solutions to wood-destroying organisms. Borate treatments penetrate deep into the wood to provide long-lasting protection against subterranean termites, Drywood termites, wood-boring beetles and decay fungi.

Unlike spot or local treatment, fumigation is a whole-structure termite treatment method. The gas fumigant, Vikane, spreads into every nook and cranny of your structure to kill every drywood termite. It penetrates into the pores of the wood, altering the termites’ breathing space.

Are you a part of a homeowner association? We pride ourselves on being specialists that will work together with association board members, property managers and homeowners to define programs that will give you control over pests while keeping costs to a minimum.

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